Still Defending

This moment in time was caught by a tourist who was visiting Devil’s Den in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. More than 10,000 men lost their lives at Gettysburg in a jaw-dropping three days, and as a result, the battle-ground is considered one of the most haunted places in the United States.

The woman who took this particular snap swears that there was nobody there when she pressed the shutter. The uncropped version shows a large group of people on the left od the frame, all of whom are dressed in regular, modern-day clothing.

There were no reenactments going on at the time and no staff personnel or actors in the vicinity either.

Not only is it fairly common to see such strange things, especially in Devil’s Den, but it is not uncommon to hear things either. From the subdued, vague chatter of soldiers at night to screams of “Charge!” and painful death cries.