An Uninvited Guest

Anybody who has had to organize a wedding will know full well that the guest list debate seems to go forever. You try to decide how many people to invite then one of you has more guests than the other, so you add some cousins, then you are over numbers, so you start cutting people.

Then you realize you were actually looking forward to seeing long-lost auntie Doris again, so she’s back on the list, but that will upset cousin Denise because the two of them don’t speak, it goes on forever.

For this reason, you always know precisely who you invited, and this bride at a wedding on a historic farm in Denmark most certainly did not ask for an RSVP from any partially formed black robed dudes whose body ended at the waist.

The official photographer did not capture the figure and the only ones to notice it at the time were the kids who you can quite clearly see staring at it.