Who’s Out There?

This image is from the 1970s and was taken by the subjects slightly older sister. She had been given a camera and was playing at being a photographer, getting her younger sibling to pose in different places around their home.

The photographer tells the story many years later:

“..there’s someone on the porch…and that person wasn’t there when I took the picture…and they aren’t casting any shadow. My mother showed this to our photographer neighbor at the time, who was completely dumbfounded by the photo – because before we moved into this house, the old woman who had lived there passed away in it.

Every day, when her husband went to work or ran errands, she would diligently wait for him on the porch, right where this figure is standing. In all my years looking at photos, maybe half a dozen have impressed me…this is one of them. I’m so glad we finally found it.”