She Was Forced Into It By Kim Jong-il

Before Kim Jong-un rose to power, it was his father Kim Jong-il that the rest of the world had to contend with. A hawkish leader with a militaristic streak, Kim Jong-il helped shape and define the way the rest of the world came to see the nation and its royal family.

He was also a bit of a control freak, demanding that the nation as a whole adhere to his specific and strict guidelines at all times and never break them.

Following a stroke in 2008, Kim Jong-il became much more possessive and assertive with his son and heir’s life, and it’s been reported that he essentially ordered Kim Jong-un to marry Ri Sol-ju.

She didn’t get much of a say at all in the matter either, and the two were promptly married the next year. This country is beginning to sound more and more like Game of Thrones every day.