She Has Her Hair And Dress Style Dictated For Her

In the early years of her marriage, Ri Sol-ju stood out as a particularly unique figure from North Korea. She made wore a personal broach instead of the traditional loyalist one, rocked western beauty products and accessories, and even had the audacity to wear pants instead of a dress.

Side note: Seriously, North Korea? Anyway, this seemed like a way to possibly change the precedent in the nation when it comes to women, but it didn’t take long for the rules to take their toll on her.

Her wardrobe has slowly transformed into much more of a conservative everyday apparel over the years, and her more individualistic touches have been significantly toned down after becoming Kim Jung-un’s wife.

Sadly, she’s lost that little bit of freedom that comes from expressing yourself through your look, and that’s terribly depressing. We couldn’t imagine losing our freedom and ability to express ourselves through our appearance.