She Had To Take An Entirely New Name

As with most marriages, one of the spouses took a name change along with the ceremony. Unlike most marriages, this meant changing their entire name. But that’s reportedly one of the rules that the (new) Ri Sol-ju had to contend with when she married Kim Jong-un.

Most of her past has been purposefully kept hidden away from the masses by Kim Jong-un, although a few details about her past have leaked out and been revealed to now be public knowledge.

Nevertheless, her actual birth given name and even her year of birth to this day still remain a mystery to the public eye, after Kim Jong-un announced his marriage to her nine years ago now.

It’s almost bizarre compared to the usual attitude in western culture on the subject (ranging from “if you want to” to “I hate the DMV though”), and a strange line for Ri Sol-ju to have to take.