The Illuminati Has Nothing To Do With Religion

Several people believe that the Illuminati is a secret organization which works for Vatican, but it’s completely wrong. This idea mostly came from movies like Angels and Demons, in which the Illuminati was depicted coming from a religious background.

However, in reality, the Illuminati stated several times that they have nothing to do with religion. Even contrary, the Illuminati is working hard to wipe all the religions from the surface of the Earth and free people from Theology.

Well, it doesn’t sound like an evil plan to me. The world would definitely be more peaceful if not for religion. However, the Illuminati will need hundreds of year to make it happen, so we won’t be alive to experience life without religion.

Anyway, next time when you hear someone linking the Illuminati to religion, remember that it’s false, and make sure to tell that person that he or she sucks at conspiracy theories.


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