The Illuminati And Clone Centers

It’s one of the most bizarre things that we’ve ever read on the internet, folks. According to several sources, the Illuminati has established huge cloning centers all over the world to clone celebrities. Yes, you got it right, the Illuminati supposedly kills the most famous celebrities and changes them with clones.

If you’ve seen Never Let Me Go, The Island, or Westworld, you’ll understand what we’re talking about here. So, next time you think that your favorite celebrity is looking odd, take into consideration the fact that the Illuminati may have cloned them.

We still have a hard time believing that anything like that may be real already. However, there are already thousands of movies and books about cloning, so why can’t it be real? Check out Donald Marshall, if you’re interested to find more.

He’s a wicked man, who knows all about the Illuminati’s cloning factories. Also, he’s quite entertaining in a freaky way.


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