The Illuminati Headquarters Are Located Beneath The Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is such a mysterious and creepy place that we could write a couple of articles only about it. Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the U.S., and the government spent $4.8 billion just to build it. This airport is full of Nazi symbolism, freakish paintings, and secret underground passages.

For God’s sake, the runways of the airport form a swastika. On top of that, it only takes one look at the devilish mustang statue outside the airport to understand that bad things are happening inside.

So it’s not a big surprise that the majority of conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati headquarters are located beneath the Denver International Airport, in the secret bunkers. If you want our opinion, it’s a quite inconvenient and stupid place for an organization’s headquarters, especially, when that organization controls all the money in the world.

Extra fact, there’s only two months difference between the establishment of the Illuminati and signing the Declaration of Independence. You can now choose what you want to believe.


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