Conspiracy Theories Galore

Let’s be honest, we’ll never understand the bigger scheme of the Illuminati. This organization is in control of everything, and it tells us exactly what we need and want to hear. The Illuminati has all the channels to control the movement of the collective human mind.

It’s pretty obvious to the conspiracy theorists that the Illuminati creates false facts about themselves to mislead the world.

The only thing that the Illuminati is afraid of is people who know the truth. That’s why this organization spreads an awful lot of fake conspiracy theories to mess with our heads. For example, the Illuminati wants us to believe that they’re responsible for 9/11.

Actually, half of the things we wrote here may have been exactly what the Illuminati wanted us to write. Half of the things we wrote here may only distract us from seeing the bigger picture. When we start thinking this way, we get depressed. Of course, we understand that most of the stuff about the Illuminati is pure BS, but then again, that’s what they want us to believe.


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