Asian Giant Hornet

The largest species of hornets found in the world is the Asian giant hornet. They live throughout Eastern Asia but are most commonly found in the mountains of Japan. They are known to be extremely aggressive and fearless.

Asian giant hornets feed honeybee larvae to their young and destroy entire beehives in the process. These hornets use strong force and agility with their mandibles to kill the bees in the hive. One hornet can tear 40 honeybees in half in under a minute!

The Asian giant hornet has a 6-millimeter (0.2 in) stinger that injects venom powerful enough to dissolve human tissue. In 2013, Asian giant hornets were responsible for more than 40 deaths and over 1,600 injuries after a group of attacks.

They caused local government to mobilize a special medic team with trained personnel to help treat victims, and firefighters were dispatched to take care of the killer hornets.