Giant Silkworm Caterpillar

This creepy-looking caterpillar can be found crawling about in South America and is responsible for several deaths each and every year. Which is quite a horrifying thought in itself just knowing that something like that exists.

The giant silkworm caterpillar has tiny bristles that have the ability to release a potent toxin that is very poisonous when ingested. It has been called the “assassin caterpillar” or “killer caterpillar,” but it is actually just the larva of a giant silkworm moth (Lonomia obliqua).

The venom from this insect is known to cause gangrene-like symptoms throughout the human body, the leakage of blood into the brain, and even death. The is one insect you don’t want to ever find yourself around.

The toxin’s strong anticlotting agents will prevent you from stopping the bleeding and ultimately cause death. There have been over 500 confirmed deaths caused by the giant silkworm caterpillar. This definitely isn’t the kind of caterpillar you want to have residing in your backyard.