We all know that criminals can come in all different sizes and shapes. From being a sweet old lady to little kids, everyone has the ability to commit a crime, whatever that crime may be. I remember being a teenager and having a job as a cashier at one of the local grocery stores, a woman wound being arrested for stealing meat who could’ve easily been at least 85 years old. I was honestly shocked! Before this, I had what was considered a normal, and stereotypical image of what all criminal should look like. It feels amazing to say that in the modern world, stereotypes like this are definitely changing. It might even be news reports just like these that are gradually changing what society views as a criminal.

Often, we don’t find ourselves thinking of a pregnant woman as much more than a motherly sweet woman who is about to bring new life into the world. But, pregnant women are also human and they have been known to commit crimes too. From assault to DUI’s to murder, they’ve been caught doing it all. Whether it was because of pregnancy hormones, mental illness or just being plain hangry (hungry and angry at the same time) we might not really know was makes pregnant women hurt, steal, and kill.

We cannot deny that someone who’s carrying another form of human life in them for 9 months has some amount of crazy just boiling up inside of them. They’re allowed to be, that just one of the perks that comes with being pregnant. It’s definitely understandable, but some wound up taking it to entire new level. I really do hope that when these kids are old enough, they do not Google search their mother’s name, more than likely, they will not like what they end up finding, because here’s what we found.

Here are 15 chilling crimes committed by pregnant women. Let us know what you think!




Pregnant Women Need To Eat… Or Else

It seems like many news reports have with a hungry and pregnant woman. Now, we admit that when we’re hangry (hungry and angry) we too would do just about anything for some food, but we do have our limits. Rochelle Margaret Hailey apparently put all of her limits to the side. A seven-month pregnant Hailey woke up alone in bed in 2009. She woke up with what was obviously one of the hugest cravings for pizza one has ever had.

All jokes aside though, Hailey wound up leaving the house at 2:!7 AM and head to the local Domino’s pizza with a loaded gun. After arriving, she ended up pointing the loaded gun at the assistant manager, demanding that she open the cash register this instant.

The manager obliged and Hailey quickly gathered all of the money and cleaned out the register. She didn’t get very far (more than likely because of the belly) when the police wound up catching up to her and recovering all of the money she initially stole.

Hailey got charged with possession of a firearm and armed robbery during the commission of a theft and crime by receiving stolen property. All we want to know is was it the pizza and cash really worth it?