Many household items have been thought to be cursed and haunted over the years. Which is often a pretty scary thought in itself thinking that items like this actually exist in a world that we live in. They can often be regular household items that one would probably find in any normal home, such as vases, mirrors, chairs, paintings, dolls, and anything along those lines. The tale goes that it’s believed to be cursed or haunted because a spirit or demon is residing from within the item in question and has taken it over entirely, although the owner of these items might not always know the exact reason as to why their possession is actually being possessed. Making it only that much more creepy and horrifying to the person who currently owns the items and has to live with them in their house everyday. It’s something that we wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

These purportedly cursed and haunted items are usually blamed for unusual and out of the ordinary disasters happening, and some have even been accused the items in question for potentially causing something as tragic as an attempted murder! Numerous have repeatedly been swapped their haunted items around and the owners have been changed multiple times because of all the mayhem these items often come with. More than less, the owners want nothing to do with the items once they realized what the spirit or demon inside is actually capable of. And can you really blame them, most of these items if not all are downright horrifying.

Which would make complete sense with any of the strange cases that have been reported below. We definitely wouldn’t want something like this just hanging around our house causing paranormal mayhem and possibly even countless nights of insomnia and nightmares, or worse physical harm. Could you ever see yourself having something like that inside of your home? We thought not.

We have compiled a list of some of the most creepy stories of cursed and haunted household items we could find! Here are 10 of the reportedly most cursed or haunted household objects out there that people have actually had the misfortune of coming into contact with or owning. Let us know which give you the creeps and hopefully nobody gets any nightmares the next few days because of them!




The Crying Boy

The Crying Boy wasn’t just one single painting, it was actually a mass-produced print, even have multiple versions of it exist. The original version was made by the Italian artist known as Bruno Amadio under the pseudonym “Giovanni Bragolin.” In the UK, the painting was very popular, and many people wound up hanging it in their homes.

The first claim that the painting itself was cursed was made on September 5, 1985, when an article was published by The Sun about a couple whose house ended up burning down to the ground. The Crying Baby painting was all that was left after the fire, according to The Sun. The next day, The Sun published a follow-up piece, revealing that they were receiving several other calls from people where they were having very similar issues.

One woman stated that the paintings were all that was left after see watched her house burn down just six months after purchasing the painting. People have also blamed the painting for other very unfortunate incidents. One said she had lost her three children and husband since she first purchased the painting in the year 1959 and another has said that her son’s privates ended up getting caught on a hook.

The entire thing came to a head after another house burned down that also contained the painting. The fact that this time the painting involved was only a lookalike by another artist made no difference. The Sun was offering to assist readers in getting rid of the evil paintings in their homes. In response, readers ended up turning in 2,500 Crying Boy paintings, which were all burned by The Sun in a huge bonfire.

Steve Punt, a radio presenter and comedian with the BBC, attempted to burn a surviving Crying Baby from the era, in 2010. The painting would not burn, which made Steve Punt speculate that the painting was being protected by a fire retardant. However, he refused to take the painting into his home and didn’t take any chances. He wound up leaving it on his porch.