When you can throw a wad of cash the a problem and buy yourself a bride, why bother with the dating game? Sure, she may not be in love with you just yet, and there’s a chance that she never will be in love. But nothing in life is guaranteed, so why not just purchase your soul mate and throw caution out of the window? To most of you, the concept of buying romance may sound crazy, but whether you believe it or not, paying for a wife isn’t a thing of the past. Thousands of men from all of the world buy themselves brides every single year.

The term known as “mail-order bride” originally came from the American frontier during the 19th century. The number of men on the frontier at that time were far outnumbered by the amount of women who were available, so lonely farmers would look for wives for far away places, placing ads in magazines and newspapers to find one. Women who were interested would send photographs and write, but the couples usually didn’t meet face-to-face until the woman showed for the wedding. Although, when we talk about mail-order brides it tends to be in the past tense, the mail-order bride industry is still very well and alive in the 21st century. The only difference with today’s mail-order brides is that it entirely takes place in cyberspace.

Today’s mail-order brides consist of women who are explicitly searching for a husband, and do so by advertising themselves through international marriage agencies that help publicize their availability. But these brides aren’t the only type transaction marriages you will find taking place around the world in this day and age. There are many countries that are still exercising the long-held tradition known as bride prices, otherwise referred to as selling daughters into marriage for a hefty fee which is paid by the highest bidder. Whether you yourself are in the market for a wife or are just curious about the different ways people have purchased spouses, take a look at this list of 15 countries where men are allowed to buy wives.





Russian women are some of the most sought-after girls in the world, so it’s no surprise that mail-order bride services have caught on like a wildfire in this icy cold country.

At any given time, Russia has more than 500 mail-order bride sites that display over 60,000 women, which out of all the brides for purchase on our list that is the largest amount. Russian men have somewhat of a bad reputation amongst their own women and that is part of the reason these women are jumping at the chance to become foreign brides.

In addition to Russia being known for having one of the highest rates of alcoholism in the world, Russian women have accused Russian men of a propensity for domestic violence and chronic infidelity. The divorce rate is also at an 80% high in their country, only adding insult to injury, so Russian ladies found themselves having every reason in the world to want to go and try their luck somewhere else.

With all of the escalating issues between Russia itself and all of it’s rivals, this probably isn’t the best time to take all of Vladimir Putin’s women out of the country, but nonetheless, a good amount of Russian females are dying for a chance to marry someone abroad.