Being famous does have a dark side, even though most of the time it looks very glamorous on the outside. One of the worst parts about being a celebrity is that sometimes keeping secrets about their true selves does serve their celebrity fame much better than just being true to themselves and who they are. This has led to decades and decades of both actresses and actors keeping their true sexuality secret and hidden from the public in order to maintain an active career in Hollywood.

It seems quite extreme, but there have been countless celebrities that find themselves without any work or only receiving supporting roles when they should be a lead after coming out of the closet. This bias has been birthed from centuries of stereotypes that have surrounded those living within the LGBTQ side of the sexuality spectrum.

Sometimes an actor or actress does tell the world about their sexuality because they’re worried about losing their fan base or getting parts. Other do not come out because they come from a very conservative family or a religious background. No matter what the reason may be for these celebrities staying in the closet, it generally comes from a very real threat.

These athletes, actors, and musicians have all revealed their true selves but ended up seeing their careers peter out because of it. No matter what happened in any of these celebrities’ lives, they’ve all stated they’re much happier for it now that they’re free to tell the truth about who they really are.

Here are 15 celebrities whose careers ended after coming out of the closet.




Amber Heard

Heard’s career could’ve still stood a chance with her upcoming spot in the latest Justice League film, but what she’s dealt with after coming out as bisexual has made it harder for her climb up the ladder and grow as an actor.

In 2010 Heard came out as bisexual by attending the 25th Anniversary Gala for Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), with hopes that she could be a voice for others who feel uncomfortable about coming out. Until her marriage to Johnny Depp in 2015, she was well received by the LGBTW community.

The community was surprised when Heard moved in with Depp in 2012 after her public relationship with photographer Tasya Van Res from 2008 to 2012, and every interview she did was based around question about her sexuality and whether or not she was still into women as well.

Having no questions asked about her projects that were being promoted obviously hinders an actress’s ability to market the film and has made even harder for Heard to rise to A-List fame.