Some people absolutely love when their picture is being taken. Whether it’s just another selfie or it is professional, almost everyone knows someone who just cannot stay out of the shot of a camera. Some people actually love it so much, they even want to make a career out of it. There people around the world that are willing to pay thousands of dollars to specific people all just to have their picture taken.

Others cannot stand to be in a photograph. Everyone has that one relative who just seems to never be in a picture because they just cannot stand being caught by a camera. No matter how you personally feel, there’s a very high chance that those who love and who hate having their picture taken have one thing in common, neither ever wants a mugshot.

Mugshots are strange pictures. They’re taken with the purpose of documenting the face of a criminal, right after you’re arrested. It’s likely there forever after it’s taken, unless you know someone deep on the inside. They’re very awkward photographs.

We are used to cheesing it up while getting are photo taken, but mugshots are only taken when something bad has either just happened or is about to happen. Nobody ever wants to see their face in a position like that, but so many have and many more will continue to do so.

There are quite a few mugshots out there that are more terrifying than anything you could ever imagine. Whether it is a terrifying face or an infamous criminal, we’ve went a collected some mugshots that are sure to induce nightmares. Here are 15 of the most creepy mugshots of criminals.




A Man Caught M——-bating Across A Playground

Hurting children is probably the worst thing that anyone can do, there should be no argument there. They are trusting and innocent creatures who only look to adults for protection and help.

Luckily, before the man that you see in the photograph above was actually able to harm any children, he was arrested. He was found and caught in his car across from a playground with his pants down.

He did not even stop when a police officer approached him in his vehicle and asked him to get out, to us that is the most disgusting part! He can continue to claim that he didn’t know there was a playground where he was masturbating until he dies, but that’s not the easiest one to get out of.

If that was the case, why couldn’t he have just waited until he was actually home to begin touching himself? This disgusting pervert is so terrifying to look at that it is chilling to see the photograph prior to knowing what awful things he actually had in mind to do.