Giving too much thought to things doesn’t only become quite the nuisance. It also seriously wares your body and well-being down. Research reports that dwelling on any shortcoming, mistake, or problem increases the chances of running into a mental health problem.

And as one’s mental health begins to decline, the tendency to think deeply will only increase, which can easily lead into a vicious cycle that only gets harder and harder to break free of. Studies have also revealed that overthinking tends to lead to vigorous emotional distress. Many people who tend to overthink resort to unhealthy coping strategies to escape their distress which can include alcohol or food… Or sometimes, both.

More than likely you’re already aware of the fact that sleeping when your mind won’t turn off is nearly impossible if you yourself are an over-thinker. Studies also confirm this, finding that thinking deeply and worrying lead to fewer hours of sleep every night and poorer sleep quality.

Ending catastrophic predictions, rehashing and second-guessing one’s self is obviously easier said than done. But with consistent practice and determination, you can begin to limit your patterns of negative thinking. Here are 15 ways to stop overthinking everything.




Notice When You’re Thinking Too Much

Awareness will always be the first step when it comes to putting an end to any pattern of overthinking you may have built up and replacing those thoughts with positive ones. You can begin by paying more attention to where your thoughts are coming from and the way you think on a day-to-day basis.

When you find yourself constantly replaying events in your head to the point where you know it is unhealthy for you or notice you are worrying about things you have no control over, acknowledge these thoughts you are currently having are not productive and they will not help the situation in any way.

Doing this will further help you prevent any overthinking or negative thoughts you may find yourself having in the future from spiraling completely out of your control.


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