We all remember those child actors who when we saw on the big screen, we all thought they were pure cuteness and everybody always went “aw” the moment they appeared on our favorite shows. We’re all guilty of this at one time or another.

Seriously, how could one not think little Michelle from Full House was just the cutest thing ever? And how about little Olivia from The Cosby Show?

Those kids were almost too cute to even be true. Unfortunately, not every cute munchkin we saw on the big screen grew up to be adorable adults. Sadly, everyone battles with age and time differently.

Have you ever thought to yourself and wondered where those kids are now, what do they do, and how do they look? Have those adorable faces we all found too cute changed any over the years?

It’s inevitable and of course they’ve changed, but some had sadly changed in ways you won’t even believe when you see them. And it isn’t all about the looks either, it isn’t all about the little swans turning into ugly ducklings whether than the exact opposite happening.

Some of them have just stopped being so adorable to all of us because of their reckless and wild behavior, which is enough to make them unrecognizable to us now. It’s hard to believe a woman who is now drugged out of her mind, used to be such a sweet, innocent, little girl we all loved at one time or another.

Here are 15 Disney actors who grew up not so adorably. Let us know your honest opinion!




Raven Symoné

Portrayed as Raven Symoné, little Olivia Kendall from The Cosby Show was considered to be one of the most adorable children anyone has ever seen on the big screen. People instantly fell in love with her character due to just how funny and cute she was.

However, when looking at her today, the magic she once had is completely gone. Not only is not so cute anymore, she actually looks somewhat scary with all of her crazy hairstyles and heavy makeup.

Sure, she’s definitely not as terrifying as her former colleague, Bill Cosby, but he wasn’t ever adorable to begin with.

Raven’s career seems to be going fine, but she’ll always be remembered for her first role which helped her become one of the most beloved child actors ever. Unfortunately, everyone has to grow up at some point.


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