There’s been quite a few classic gangsters that we all know, and sort of secretly admire how badass they are. Fat Tony, Al Capone, Tony Montana, Jabba the Hut, and even Bugsy Malone. With their signature fedoras and cool suits, it’s very easy to see the appeal of being a hardcore mobster.

Until you actually give some thought to the technical side of it. Constantly fearing for your life and all of the gang wars. Plus all of the violence you witness and you know, committing crimes. Maybe we should just stick to dressing up as gangsters for Halloween.

However, this list, is mainly focused around the usually unseen side of the mafia and gangs. It’s those very few cases of women being ruthless mobsters and being just as terrifying as any male mobster. Just think about it.

When women don’t get their way they can be scary enough, if you’re caught leaving the toilet seat up it’s almost as if hell hath no fury. Now, imagine a women who has access to some pretty powerful people and is the head of a gang.

Yeah, female gangsters are probably some of the most badass people in our world… Some of these women are just plain ruthless while others have some really incredible reasons behind their involvement in these criminal activities.

Here are 15 of the most ruthless female gangsters in the world. Let us know what you think!




Griselda Blanco

Blanco began her life as a criminal at a young age. Apparently, she was a prostitute and a pickpocket when she was just a pre-teen! The story goes that she climbed her way up the ladder quickly, allegedly, when she was just 11 years old, she first killed someone in a kidnapping situation!

Griselda quickly earned the alias “The Black Widow” because her lover’s fates were always very… fatal. She supposedly murdered her first lover when she was only a teenager, just a few years after the divorce her first husband was killed, she shot her second husband, and even her third husband eventually wound up dead.

Blanco’s notably thought to have been behind a cocaine business, but she’s also rumored to be responsible for just around 200 murders! Her death, however, is arguably the most gangster thing on this entire list… She was assassinated after being deported back to Colombia in 2004.

She was shot outside of a butcher’s shop in 2012 by an assassin riding a motorcycle. Now that’s a way to go!