The Afterlife, checking out and stepping over into either what we know as heaven or hell. If we go anywhere at all, where do we go? And what exactly happens to us while we’re there?

Is there really even an afterlife for us to ponder about? The answer to this question seems priceless. We suppose it all comes down to what you are willing to believe about the end.

There are so many beliefs and they all tend to range from person to person. Some of may just not practice any religion at all, while others go to church on Sundays.

Some believe in what we know as the Big Bang Theory and think everything we see before is thanks to the largest explosion the universe has ever witnessed. Tiny star dust particles that have evolved into everything we’re able to see today. What’s for certain is there is no shortage of things we’re able to believe.

Is there anyone out there who can shed some insight for us on what dying is like? Are there people who know more about all of our to come trips to the other side than us?

You know, the people that have been able to cheat death after looking at it dead in the eye. Yes, there are, and they’re known as survivors.

Which survivor you are asking will really have the biggest impact on the determination of what kind of answer you’ll be getting.

Many people who have had near-death experiences have witnessed heaven and were able to feel its inviting glory. In terrifying stories, others, have claimed they’ve been to hell and back.

What they experienced was not seeing old friends or family they had previously lost years prior and eternal acceptance, what they witnessed on their quick trip through hell would changed their second chance at life forever.

Here are 10 visions of hell by survivors of near-death experiences. Which is scares you the most?




Forced to Sleep

One of the most horrifying dreams to ever have is feeling like you’re trapped inside one of your own dreams and not being able to wake back up. Anyone who has had this nightmares knows this and can relate.

It’s never fun, and for those who had experienced this, they can also remember waking up out of breath and gasping for air. The helplessness one feels while not having the ability to wake up is very powerful.

So imagine when you die having that kind of feeling overwhelm you! A few survivors who have experienced a near-death situation and found themselves in hell have said they can recall feeling very very sleepy.

They even go as far as claiming it was like they lost the ability to remain conscious and were being forced to close their eyes.


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