Baby Foot

There are two things you need to know about Baby Foot. The first is that this works. The second is that it’s kind of gross. I know this because I have tried this product, and it kind of changed my life a bit.

Basically, Baby Foot is a product where you stick your feet in these plastic booties, then wait for the gel inside to work its magic. You won’t see results that night, but within five days, your foot will become a dead skin covered mess.

You’ll literally be able to wipe or pull the dead skin right off your foot. It sounds like it would hurt, but since the skin is dead, it doesn’t hurt. It just looks kind of gross.

That being said, this thing works: when Baby Foot was done with me, I had the smoothest, softest feet I had ever had. While this is something that’s a very big deal in Asia, you can also order it online!