There has been quite an unsettling amount of photographs released on the internet ever since the invention that is Google Earth. We human beings usually forget that we’re being watched, filmed or photographed for many hours during our every day lives. Whether you’re in an office, store, plane, school, taxi, or bus, you can expect that you’re being filmed for security purposes. With that being said, you’d think that you’d probably be safest away from cameras if you were outdoors, but you would be very wrong to think that.

Satellites and street cameras are periodically taking photographs of the world as it turns, resulting in many citizens to be captured on various frames unknowingly. At best, your own home is probably the best place to hide, but then again, most laptops in this day and age have built-in webcams that more than likely can be switched on, and NSA easily has the ability to listen in on our phone conversations. So basically, if you ever find yourself trying to hide from the police or the FBI for whatever reason, you will find that this will be one of the hardest tasks to successfully do.

With this knowledge in the palm of your hand, it becomes quite hard to act like you are not being watched throughout your day-to-day lives by an unknown big brother. So next time you are stuck in traffic and think picking your nose is a good idea, or your walking down the street and pick out a wedgie after looking over your shoulder, just know, more than likely you’re being watched doing this and possibly even photographed.

Imagine looking over some of Google Earth’s images and spotting out one of yourself doing something illegal or embarrassing. It might sound like it’s impossible and could never happen to you, but trust us when we say it isn’t impossible.

Here are 15 of the most terrifying images that Google Earth has ever captured.



Woman Getting Carried Off

Girlfriends can often be like children, when they’re feeling too much of any emotion at any given time, they will cry, and they also become a little agitated when they are hungry.

If you’re in a populated area and your girlfriend has decided it’s a good time to throw a fit, just walking away from her may be in your best interest, instead of picking her up like one would do to a child and carrying her all the way back to the car. Not only does it appear as if you’re abducting her, but you will also be portrayed as a women-beater and might even find yourself being stopped by the police.

With that being said, the photograph might appear harmless, but in reality, we really don’t have a clue why this man thought it would be a good idea to throw this woman over his shoulder and proceed by shoving her into a parked car.

Hopefully, she was only throwing a temper-tantrum and was not kidnapped by the man. Oh well, we guess we’ll never really know what actually happened.