It’s funny to think that even in the day and age, tribes are still out there and can be found if you know where to look.

In a world where technology dominates our lives and new inventions are being made everyday, it is easy for one to forget that there still are tribes all over the world that preserve their old cultural traditions and backgrounds to this day, and it doesn’t matter how advanced our society will ever become. These tribes can be located in Asia, Africa, South Africa, and can even be found in the United States, surprisingly enough.

Throughout the years they have all been able to keep their tribal practices alive. The are completely un-contacted people who are often also referred to as lost tribes, and have made the decision that they will remain isolated from any kind of global civilization. And while this might come as a surprise, there are still multiple isolated people living on planet Earth.

This list includes 15 pictures that have been taken from tribes seen all over the world that show rituals they are still practicing today and just how real the isolation from the outside world is for these people! The rituals you will find on this list might seem absurd or even bizarre, but they will continue to practice them and more than likely will always respect their ancient cultural ways.

The tribes on this list we’ve created live their lives very differently than us and in a very unique way, and it’s easy to see why learning about them and the way they live can be so intriguing. We’re all so consumed by our technology that is becomes easy for us to forget that tribes like this even exist in the real world in this day and age.

Here are 1t photos taken from tribes all over the world and the traditions and rituals that are still performed and practiced by them today. Give us your opinion!




The Sambia Tribe – Perform Highly Unusual Ceremonies

The people from within the tribe known as the Sambia Tribe are located in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. They are very well known for something the most normal people would find absolutely disgusting. This tribe is known for practicing acts of s*men ingestion with young boys. The initiation process into becoming one with this tribe begins with a boy being taken away from his mother at the very young age of just nine years old and then placed into a hut that only consists of males for ten years!

They then engage in nose bleeding, forced vomiting, and ingest s*men for purification throughout the duration of this time. In this tribe, the relationships between women and men are very complex and there are several rules and restrictions between the two genders.