It would be bad enough having a parent go to jail as a child, but imagine your parent is a celebrity, and you also have the entire world watching the results of a parental transgression. The famous and rich are blessed with the money and recognition but have also been cursed because every single thing they do is always in front of a huge audience of gawkers. Paparazzi stalk their court dates, their mug shots are plastered across the internet, and it’s very hard to break free of a sin if no one is ever willing to let it go.

Celebrities are just like us, they make bad decisions and choices that often lead them into a jail cell. These crimes can anything from murder to a DUI, and these wrongdoings have the ability to either make or break their career. Some stars even become infamous for the crimes while others’ past misdeeds are left lying secretly in their pasts.

We’ve put together a list of most famous jailbirds who are of celebrity status, some of the offenses they’ve been given may come as shocking, while others live in infamy. Certain mugshots might seem familiar, but the reader might be surprised to learn of various A-list celebrities who have spent time behind bars. And their diverse offenses.

Without further ado, here are 15 celebrity parents that were thrown in jail and the crimes that got them there.




Mark Wahlberg – Went For The Back Pocket

Mark Wahlberg is one of the most famous actors in America. He came onto the scene as a teen pop star and graduated to making award-winning films. He’s one of the lucky stars who’s had the ability to branch in both genres of drama and comedy. Wahlberg has starred in Oscar films such as “The Fighter” and “The Departed,” and is widely known for having such an intense work ethic.

Mark has four children, Grace, Ella, Brendan, and Michael.

His life hasn’t always been surrounded by glitz and glamour though. Mark has also been known to have quite a violent temper. He was convicted of the assault of two minority men at the young of 16 after he had tried to rob them. Mark spent close to two months in jail and credits that time with forcing him to change the direction his life was going.