Expensive Taste: Kim Kardashian-West

Yeah…like we explained before these lists wouldn’t be legitimate without the Kardashian-Jenner’s, so we’ve added Kim too. If there’s anyone on Earth who knows how to spend big and flaunt it, it’s Kim Kardashian-West. Kim went from your average Californian rich girl, to one of the most influential people in the world thanks to her momager (mom + manager) Kris.

Back in the 2000’s Kim gained exposure thanks to her ex boyfriend, singer Ray J. We’ll leave out the details. Instead of wasting her 15 minutes of fame, Kim and Kris turned it into a reality show about the Kardashian/Jenner family. Over 10 years later an Kardashian is a name that will go down in history.

Kim’s net worth is now estimated to be $175 million. Since the terrifying Paris robbery ordeal, Kim has slowed down on bragging about her wealth on social media, but she used to be the queen of showing off.

Kim has a collection of at least 21 expensive cars, a luxury handbag collection of more than SEVENTY bags, a cool $20 million dollar home in Beverly Hills. It’s near mom Kris Jenner’s home because of course the Kardashian clan stick together. Kim also has a lot of jewelry that she used to flaunt on her Instagram.