Expensive Taste: Beyoncé

Queen B is one of those wealthy celebrities who buys really expensive things and flashes them around on her Instagram, but not to rub it in our poor faces. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has earned every single dollar she’s worth down to the penny. And that exact figure is $350 million, the most on this list so far.

To start off this list and show you just how wealthy Queen B (we’ll be almost exclusively using that title, okay.) here’s a story about her eldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. A couple of months ago the Carter family went to an art auction and six year old Blue casually bid $19,000 on a painting. It must be normal in the Carter household.

Beyoncé herself also likes to dabble in expensive fashion. Ususally when she posts to Instagram Bey will post three photos of her outfit, and we understand why when just one outfit can cost around $20,000. We get it though, she’s earnt it, she can spend it. Same goes for daughter Blue Ivy, once again, who has high fashion taste just like her mom.

Blue seems to be a fan of purses which is why she was seen carrying a $1,800 Louis Vuitton purse to a basketball game, a $2,675 Valentino purse to the Grammy’s, and a $3,700 heart-shaped handbag to the Grammy’s.