Expensive Taste: Conor McGregor

The MMA champion is the first person in the sport’s history to hold two title belts at the same time. The proud Irishman often talks about his humble beginnings and supportive long-time partner Dee Devlin, and how he worked his way to being worth at least $85 million dollars.

Deservingly proud of his achievements, Conor often takes to Instagram to post about his luxurious belongings. These include his collection of 14 (at least) luxury cars. He also has quite an extensive watch collection, at least 15 different watches, and they’re nearly all Rolex’s. The average price of a single watch? Around $45,000. EACH!

Is it just us that are getting more depressed by the second? To add on, Conor also owns two beautiful million dollar mansions. One in Las Vegas, you can watch him show you around here. He also owns an equally beautiful and expensive $2 million dollar mansion back home in Dublin. We wouldn’t have enough time to cover how much his wardrobe costs (not including Dee’s beautiful style, or Conor Jrs!).

To add further to his list of riches (as if $675,000 in wristwear wasn’t enough) Conor also has his own private jet. He recently posted a photo of himself and one year old son Conor Jr having a nice meal on the jet while the family flew to Ibiza. What a life.