Cheap: Halle Berry

Halle Berry is another low key actress that used to be one of the biggest names in Hollywood. She kicked off her Oscar winning acting career in the late 80’s/early 90’s, and while none of her roles were ‘hit it big’ movies, we all still knew her name. Her blockbuster hits like X-men and Catwoman came in the 2000’s.

In the past couple of years Halle has been in a lot of action films, including Kingsman: The Golden Circle. According to her IMDb, Halle is currently filming John Wick 3: Parabellum alongside modest actor Keanu Reeves.

We suspect that Halle has been slowing down recently to focus on her two children, daughter Nahla and son Maceo. In an interview she gave while pregnant with her daughter back in 2008, Halle told how she was so excited to be a hands-on mom, like her mother was. In the same interview Halle talks about not being a woman who needs all different kinds of jewelry, and says she’s often frugal.

That’s not to say Halle doesn’t enjoy some finer things in life, her former home was on the market last year for nearly $4 million. These are just a few celebrity examples who really prove that it’s not all glam and fashion, sometimes it’s just being humble.