Cheap: Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts was once a big name in Hollywood. Not to say she’s not anymore but she has quietened down, and if you read on we’ll tell you why. Julia Roberts had a few hit movies out in the early 90’s. Mystic Pizza and Steel Magnolias are classics.

It wasn’t until Pretty Woman came out that Julia became an overnight success. Acting alongside Richard Gere, Julia made every girl want to be her character (which is a little weird because of her occupation). After that Julia Roberts became a household name, for her romcoms, dark thrillers and anything in between.

What you may not know about Julia is she’s not quite the Hollywood megastar, she’s your regular soccer mom. In recent years you’ve probably noticed that you don’t see Julia in films as much, that’s because she chooses to spend her time raising her kids like a normal mom. Julia shares three children with her husband Danny Moder.

Although she does have upcoming titles on her IMDb, Julia says it’s easy to say no to films. In her private life Julia often goes grocery shopping in comfy, casual clothes (and still manages to look fantastic), she tends her own garden, she’s often seen cheering on her children at their soccer games (yes, we literally meant soccer mom).