The world of celebrities and fame also often comes with many negatives, even if we’re not constantly hearing them complain.

There’s no privacy and everyone’s always sticking their nose into your business, and no matter what time it is, it seems like you always have to put a show on for the world. It’s a pretty good positive that fame also comes with all of the money one would ever need, this can also really help outweigh any negatives that being a celebrity comes with in our opinion. How many times have you seen a nice pair of shoes, dress, or purse on your favorite celebrity’s social media and then took to the internet to Google it? How shocked did you become when you realized that yes, it actually was $30,000 for one ticket for the Met Gala and they did spend $4,500 on some heels? Yep, it sounds exactly like the dream life.

There’s a plethora of celebrities who have made points of weighing in on both sides with this issue. There are celebrities who find themselves to be quite neutral, buying nice things only on occasions and they don’t necessarily go out and flash them around, they’re just trying to live their lives for them. We are not here to discuss celebrities on this list as much as everyone on this site loves to do. We are here to talk about the top ten celebrities who have been known time and time again for flaunting their luxurious lifestyle as much as possible, and also the top five celebrities who are living well beneath their actual means, like common-folk. Now, we aren’t saying that celebrities who do flash their money around are bad people, sometimes, they are just looking for their fans to appreciate the goods. We are fine with that, because that way we can live the high life as well, through them. Alright, let’s get this list started with the flashiest of celebrities.

Here are ten celebrities who are so rich they’ve completely lost touch with reality and five celebrities who are far too cheap.




Expensive Taste: Kylie Jenner

No list based around people with a crazy amount of money would ever find itself complete without adding at least one Jenner or Kardashian to it. For this one, we decided to bring up Kylie Jenner. She the youngest of her siblings, at just 20 years old, but is already so rich that even her grandchildren will probably never have to work.

She’s a new mother to her daughter, Stormi and has her own makeup business to keep herself busy. Her exact net worth at this time is $50 million. Let’s begin by talking about all of the cars she owns to get this list started. Even though she never really seems to be driving anywhere, Kylie Jenner owns seven cars, with every one of them being so expensive, we don’t think we could even afford one.

Kylie Jenner often takes to Instagram in order to advertise Kylie Cosmetics, which is her makeup brand, and frequents to Turks and Caicos, the Caribbean, Mexico and more, quite often.

Another thing the Kardashians also love splurging on is tickets to attend the Met Gala every year, which cost around $30,000, even though they never really seem to follow the themes. Another great achievement Kylie Jenner accomplished by the age of 18 was buy her first home. A mansion in Beverly Hills that is said to be worth $35 million. Oh how the other half are living their lives.