The latest trend that everyone is having with motherhood is the obsession with the “snapback.” (And no, we are definitely not talking about hats.) A woman’s snapback game is based around how quickly she can bounce back and get her body back in shape after having a newborn. Society is seemingly over the matronly look, and into making sure our bodies are in the best shape ever!

We often will find ourselves looking to the celebrities who have had babies and checking out what their snapback game is like because it is almost impossible to not expect it when they have private trainers, multiple nannies, and more than enough money to spend on any treatment they may need, weight loss plans, you get the idea. However, some celebrities really don’t seem to be into following this trend.

There are a lot of celebrities who bounce back and look as good if not better than they did before their pregnancy. It’s quite the surprise (in a good way) and can even be somewhat motivating to other mothers out there when they see that these women have been able to get their bodies back into shape in no time. You can’t really be too surprised when these mommies have the best trainers and fitness equipment that money can buy. It probably doesn’t hurt that their nannies cover the nightshifts and make it so they aren’t constantly exhausted with life and every responsibility that comes with a newborn. Plus one to take care of the baby while they are getting a workout in at the gym as well as of course leaving almost every other mom green with envy.



Bounced Back: Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis share two kids together. After both of her pregnancies, Mila Kunis has shown her ability to bounce back. She even referred to breast feeding as a great exercise after giving birth due to helpful it can be when losing their baby weight. It also helps by encouraging the uterus to go back down to its normal size, its pre-baby size.

Only four months after having their daughter, Wyatt, photos were captured showing Mila Kunis with a flat stomach again where her baby bump once showed. Two months later, when she was 6 months postpartum, she showcased her toned as ever abs to the world! You can’t really expect anything less from Ashton Kutcher’s other half, the couple has been looked at as couple goals for the longest time now.