We have a tendency to view celebrities as larger than life when we look at them, holding some of them to iconic statuses.

It also really isn’t a secret that their status allows for lenient treatment when they’ve broken the law. They often get much lighter sentences than the rest of us who are considered normal folk in the eyes of the law, when they get charged with crimes for driving under the influence, common assault, vandalism, and shoplifting. Yet as fans, we can forgive them for their crimes, almost as quickly as we condemn them.

However, there are some crimes that are so disgusting and horrific that no amount of celebrity will allow for such forgiveness or sentences, and their once iconic status comes crashing down much faster than how they rose to celebrity stardom.

Not only do these crimes prove that some athletes, celebrities, and reality stars aren’t really above the law in such extreme cases, but they show that despite having everything that they can still lead very dark and depraved lives and sometimes it comes from the celebrities we would never expect it from.

Here’s a list we’ve devised of some of most unforgivable crimes ever committed by celebrities that have landed most behind bars for the rest of their lives. Let us know what you think!




Shot His Wife 3 Times With His Children Present At Their Home

Micheal Jace was known for being one of the main cast members on the FX television series, “The Shield,” which was a role that ended up winning him a lot of critical acclaim for his performance as the kind-hearted police officer Julien Lowe who struggled between his homosexuality and deeply religious beliefs.

In addition, he’s made multiple mainstream movie appearances in films like Boogie Nights and Planet Of The Apes.

In a contrast to the good-natured cop that he portrayed on TV, in May of 2014, Jace fatally wounded his wife after shooting her 3 times, as their children listened to it all from another room. By his own admission, Jace wanted to kill himself too making it a murder-suicide, but he was unable to go with the act.

Michael Jace was sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole in 40 years, if or when he reaches 94 years of age, and was found guilty of second-degree murder.