There’s so many things that celebrities will be judged for. But perhaps, no aspect of their life will get the scrutiny than their overall sense in fashion, especially if they’re a woman. All woman in Hollywood tend to be judged off of what they wear to some extent. No matter who they are.

The best and the worst of looks are sure to be the talk of every blog after the shows, adding even more pressure onto these celebs to make sure they are always looking their best on camera.

And while several of your favorite A-List stars leave you in awe on a regular basis, it’s not cheap by any means to look like they do.

Something that’ll most likely be very clear when looking back at a few of their earliest, and most horrific, fashion outfits.

But as shocking as these photos might come off, that also just makes them more entertaining when you see showstoppers like Jessica Biel, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and Kaley Cuoco wearing outfits that will have you wondering if they even looked in a mirror before stepping out of their house!

Here are 18 photos of A-list celebs from before they could afford a stylist.




Britney Spears

There’s a lot of moments throughout Britney Spears’ life that we’re pretty sure she’d much rather you just not know about, much less have photographic proof of. But while her public meltdown where she shaved her own head definitely wasn’t her best moment, it wasn’t the first time Spears went and shocked the world with her sense of fashion.

We’re not sure if there’s a celebrity in Hollywood who could have pulled this outfit off. And while you might want to give a little credit to Spears for having the confidence to try and make this outfit look good, there’s a very real chance this outfit looked much better in her head than actually executed in public.