If we see a celebrity living in a mansion, we assume it’s because they own the property after buying it. But it’s actually surprising how many celebrities don’t own the mansions they live in, they simply rent them out. It sounds insane because why wouldn’t they just own the mansion, but for some celebrities, they love the freedom of being able to pick up and go as they please.

Some celebrities just choose to rent when it comes to high-priced luxury estates. Some just don’t want to drop $20 million in one shot while others simply do it for the flexibility.

It’s surprising that some celebrities choose to rent because it makes more sense to have some assets in your name, but they’re millionaires, so maybe that just isn’t a factor for them. Some of them decide to settle down in a home for the long haul, while others just rent mansions because they’re in a transition phase.

It may be because of a recent divorce, seriously, we wonder where Brad Pitt lays his head at night. But there are many other reasons why celebrities choose to rent, they could be in the process of renovating their actual home or they could just be on vacation! You may find yourself surprised after seeing some of these celebrities are renting rather than owning.

Here are 15 celebrities that pretend to own mansions they’re actually only renting.




The Kardashians Rent Their Home For The Show

If you’re a fan of the Kardashians, then you’ve probably watched their show, Khloe and Kourtney Take The Hamptons.

In the show, the entire Kardashian clan stays in a beautiful $14 million waterfront home located in the Hamptons.

You would be wrong if you assumed they owned that property. The home was only rented for the time they would be filming the show. Must be nice to rent an extravagant house like that for the summer and just leave when you felt like it.

The property had 3 acres and was absolutely gorgeous. The home itself had 6.5 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms. The ladies would relax on the property during the evening or hit the water during the show. Talk about a beautiful place to call home.