It may be hard to tell at times in photographs, but there are actually many seriously petite celebrities out there if you haven’t already noticed.

It really isn’t until you see them out with their men that you really have chance to step back realize how petite these women actually are! They definitely make interesting photos when they stand beside their, oftentimes, significantly taller husbands.

Whether it’s musicians, actresses, or just celebrities, there are some very petite women the entertainment industry. It’s surprising because some of these women are complete badasses and have huge personalities, so it takes you by surprise when you realize just how small these celebrity women on this list actually are. Most of the women on this list are under 5 feet!

It’s funny when you notice Jada Pinkett Smith next to her husband, Will Smith, that’s when you really see the height difference take effect. A lot of the times, the height of these celebrities where they’re very short in person are hard to notice until you see an actual comparison.

These ladies are so petite, they could easily go into the children’s clothing line and save a buck or two. We’re not even exaggerating.

Check out these 15 celebrities that are so petite they could save money by just buying kids’ clothes rather than adult cloths and let us know what you think and if you agree.



Ariana Grande Is 5’1”

For being so petite, the girl has an amazing voice. She began her career as a Disney actress, but also has some serious vocals on her. She was on the hit show Sam & Cat and while it was only on air for a year, there were a few spinoffs to the show. We’re so glad that Ariana ended up ditching her bright red hair, it just didn’t suit her.

It wasn’t long before her music was breaking records all around the world. She stands at only 5’1” tall and that’s hard to believe when you hear her sing on stage.She has a huge range and you really start to wonder where it’s coming from because she’s so small.