One doesn’t need to search too far if they are looking for proof that celebrities too are humans just like everyone else and do possess some peculiar flaws like those we may see on people on a day-to-day basis.

The way we see our favorite celebrities on screen or in print is more than likely all thanks to methodical lighting, strategic angling, and some wit and skill in Photoshop. Nobody is actually as perfect as they may seem, celebrities are people too at the end of the day, and that is reality. They are usually expected to look nothing less than perfect and appear film-ready at any given moment for their fans.

Yet, no matter how rich one is, nobody can grace the public with the absolute shine and perfection that photo filters provide at all times. While you’re in the public, everything becomes visible and live. And hiding the parts of yourself that you are most self-conscious about becomes even harder.Some celebrities with disfigurements are very noticeable, while others are very subtle. Though most members of Holly-weird have been able to hide there respective defects, it hasn’t stopped the world from exposing their strangest and most shocking secrets. Everyone loves celebrities, and they love them even more when their humanity is exposed.

Here are 15 celebrities who live with physical deformities. Let us know what you think!




Mark Wahlberg – My Third Nipple

He’s one of our favorite bad boy heartthrobs and he’s been around for decades, following his older brother, modeling, and then Donnie’s footsteps into music and leading Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch back in the 1990s, Marky eventually turned his attention onto appearing and acting in films such as Fear, Ted and Ted 2, and The Other Guys.

He has also spent so much time with no shirt on that it is quite hard to believe that no one has ever really noticed his body oddity at some point. Oddly enough, Mark was actually born with a third nipple.

Yes, you read it right the first time. He was born with a third nipple. You may be wondering, how come we’ve never noticed this before? Once again, we are not realizing the illustrious capabilities that Photoshop deceives us with.

What Mark is now calling his “most prized possession” was being viewed by photo and movie editors as “unsightly,” and was always airbrushed out of almost all of his screen and print appearances. Some editors have allowed to show in their works, however, because we were able to spot it out winking at the camera in one of his latest movies, Shooter.