For every generation it seems there will always be folks who find themselves shaking their heads at “kids these days.”

After all, “kids these days” are much worse behaved. Maybe they just don’t have any discipline. Maybe they’re loud and noisy. And maybe they’re getting into relationships way too soon. That’s why the teenage pregnancy rates are so high y’hear. It’s all ‘cause of “kids these days.”

But giving modern kids a little credit might be worth it. For one thing, in most places in the world, teenage pregnancy rates have actually gone down over time. Mostly because it was normal to get married as young as sixteen years old back in the day. Still, young pregnancies happen all of the time.

And, nope. We aren’t talking about anyone like the raunchy 14-year-olds making out under that tree in the park. We’re talking way younger than that. In fact, we’re willing to bet that anyone would be pretty surprised to find just how young the most junior mom on this list is!

It’s worth noting, however, that many of these kids aren’t at fault for their pregnancy. After all, young pregnancy is often the result of something unexpected, even unwanted. So while we may all be wondering how such young bodies managed to give birth, it’s also worth thinking about how important nurturing and protecting our own little ones are. After all, the young ones are vulnerable. And it’s best that they be allowed to make the most of their childhoods. Here they are somewhat in order by age.




Proud British Parents

A young couple in the UK became proud parents of a bouncing baby girl in 2014. Wondering about their ages? Well, the father was only 13 while the mother was 12 when the little one entered their lives.

They say the baby was conceived when the mom was around 11 years old. The pair had been dating for about a year. While this revelation was apparently shocking, perhaps even heartbreaking, for the couple’s parents, they’ve learned to accept the situation.

The young mother’s father has went on interviews, telling his story, mostly correcting all of the nasty rumors that have been flying around. One thing he said that he found help him accept the situation was the fact that things could’ve been a lot worse.

According to him a grandchild at an early age is better than a child drugs. And the pair seems happy enough, at least compared to a few of the other youngsters on this list. The newborn’s very young grandparents have decided to give their full support, although they vowed that this would not happen again.