What better place to visit in the Summer than Six Flags, one of America’s most famous attractions! But is it really such a good idea? Let’s face it, these experiences often have the possibility of becoming a complete nightmare and turning out to be the exact opposite of what you thought you were getting into.

You’re surrounded by large crowds of people in the searing heat, and the scent of nasty fried food is in your nostrils throughout the entire day you are there. When you’re looking for a ride to go on, the wait is always hours in line with a bunch of other frustrated and impatient people who are feeling the exact same way you are about waiting.

We aren’t by any means saying it isn’t fun, but it does have the potential to turn into the worst experience imaginable.

And that’s before you’ve even considered what these employees have to say about their experience with Six Flags. Because if anyone should tell you going to Six Flags isn’t a good idea, it’s their employees.

Often, the ones telling you this have worked there for many years and have seen just about everything imaginable. And as you may have expected, some of these things they’ve seen are very disturbing.

These range from accidents to deaths to more subtle things like their food is made or how clean the bathrooms actually are. You will most likely think twice about going to Six Flags after reading these quotes. These employees are probably never visiting Six Flags again in their lives, that’s for sure.




The Food There Is Gross

This is almost a no-brainer, but yes, the food at Six Flags is gross. Coming to this conclusion is easy as a visitor. The smell is enough to make you vomit, not to mention the level of hygiene is appalling.

And it only gets worse after you’ve gone on a ride and you’re already on the verge of throwing up. But what you’re seeing on the outside is nothing compared to what the workers are experiencing behind the scenes.

As one employee confesses, this is actually from a website where Six Flags’ employees review their working experience with the amusement park.

“Let’s just say that the ‘behind the scenes’ of the food places, would never make you want to eat there as a patron. Fast food joints are 1000 times cleaner. Pay is minimum wage and you’ll die of old age before you ever saw $20/hour as an employee.”


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