If you haven’t ever visited the city of Denver, there’s a very good chance that you aren’t too aware of the city’s international airport…

We mean, unless you’re an avid plane spotter, how would you be? DIA has developed something of a cult interest in recent years as it turns out, due to the conspiracy theories surrounding it, or rather, how it’s being used. The very thought of this conspiracy being real has given people chills.

The Denver Airport was originally commissioned in the year 1989, and had a budget of $1.7 billion. After finally being completely, two years later than expected, in 1995, the project had completely blown the original figure out of the water. Visitors have noticed certain eery things about the airport ever since, things that really point in ulterior motives.

With creepy stories, weird artworks and plenty of rumors based around a secret society, anyone who saw this airport in person would believe there’s just something off about it, especially when its compared to other airports.

Though it does seem odd that if there were some sort of conspiracy surrounding the DIA that there would be clues left behind for others to ponder on, the truth is its hard to explain every little detail about the airport.

Check out the evidence below and see if you agree with conspiracies yourself. One things for sure, you most likely won’t be in a hurry for a layover anytime soon in Denver. Let us know what you personally think about this airport.




Underground Bunkers

The bunkers underneath the airpot may perhaps be the main factor in the conspiracy theories for the majority of people. The photo above is a blueprint showing 5 buildings that had been built during the initial construction of the site, but officials then simply claimed they had been positioned wrong.

The buildings were ordered to be buried instead of knocked down, which left a large area underneath the airport. A whistleblower project is the only reasons the existence of the buildings ever came to light, though the identity of this person, and where he or she is currently remains unknown.

The airport officials admitted there are buildings under the airport since the testimony this person made was released, but they stated they are just used for “storage.”

This all sounds a little fishy, doesn’t it? There’s also a fact that the airport’s extremely expensive underground luggage system just stopped working mysteriously in 2005, and despite costing around $192 million to put together, its never been fixed. This has lead many to speculate that it’s actually being used to connect bunkers to the airport.


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