Whether you are one of the people who is obsessed by the Kardashians or if you are among many who just don’t get the appeal, you can’t deny that they are one of the most notoriously famous families in history. As much as we want them just to go away, it doesn’t look like that is happening anytime soon. Every time a new Kardashian goes from looking like a normal person to a plastic doll, then we know it’s just making the clan even stronger. They are definitely putting some plastic surgeon’s children through college that’s for sure.

This family is so familiar with scandals that you would think they would have been buried by now, but it seems as if the scandals just make them stronger. Considering the way in which Kim Kardashian became famous, it’s obvious that this family feeds off of the scandals in the same way that Jeepers Creeper gets to feed on people every 23 years.

The Kardashians are the kind of people who love to throw their money and lifestyle in our faces, it’s all we see on their social media, and yet people still follow them around obsessively even though there is nothing interesting about these mildly intelligent people. There is nothing more we love than to see their downfall whenever it happens. There are photos out there that the Kardashian would probably like to see permanently eliminated from the world because they don’t exactly show them in the best light. Here are 15 photos the Kardashians wish would disappear.




Being Compared To The Penguin

Yikes, remember that time that she was compared to the Penguin from Batman Returns? Unfortunately for Kim Kardashian, pregnancy doesn’t exactly suit her. Her already voluptuous body just seems to explode in the most unflattering ways.

She hit up the VMA’s in this outfit that was not even remotely pretty, and many had to wonder how her butt got bigger than her baby belly? We suppose she was more worried about showing off her chest in the front to realize that it was easily one of the most unflattering outfits that one could get.

Sometimes, it’s best just to cover up when you’re pregnant, and this is seriously one of those times.

Some people are so obsessed with showing off their bump they are willing to wear just about anything, but Kim is no Blake Lively. This outfit is classless, and when you are looking like the Penguin, it’s time to pack it up.


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