Google Maps is one of the more recent technologies that has the ability to help millions each and every day. By combing the technology os solar photography and GPS, it’s able to share a detailed look from anywhere in the world all from the comfort of our own homes. Google Maps main purpose is for us to have the ability to search for wherever we need to go and whenever. Physical maps have basically become obsolete because we now are able to obtain a map of whatever it is we want and whenever we want it, all in the palm of our hands.

You’re able to search for your favorite stores, restaurants, and whatever other destinations you desire. You can even look up everything you wish to know about somewhere because even getting there. Aside from using Google Maps to escort you throughout your everyday commutes, it also allows for a different perspective of planet Earth.

You’re able to look up basically any destination or big monument from all over the world and get a pretty amazing view while using Google Street View.

However, there are, a few places that have been blocked off from the world. Whether it’s due to the protection of people everywhere or just privacy issues, Google has blacked out and blurred several areas from all around the world. What goes on where these blurred and blacked out places are is left to us to try and figure out. Some reasons are obvious as to why the location is being hidden, but others aren’t quite so obvious and continue to remain a mystery as to why we aren’t allowed to see them.

Here are 15 creepy things that even Google Maps will not show you. Let us know your opinion.




Is The Virgin Mary Buried Somewhere In This Blurred Out Garden Of Gethsemane?

This image you are seeing above was taken from a religious place. Allegedly, it’s where Jesus spent his last night on Earth before he was crucified. Some also say that it’s where they buried the Virgin Mary. Why do they feel the need to blur it if that’s the case?

What could they really be hiding from everyone? Some would say that it’s due to a fear out of an attack from others, however, it still isn’t too hard to get an idea of where the buildings and roads are, so it really doesn’t seem like it’s protecting very much.

This really makes people wonder if Google Street View just captured something weren’t supposed to and have blurred the area to make sure that any secrets that may have been exposed do not get out.

Just thinking about what happened there all those years back is creepy enough (if you find yourself believing in things like that). However, what’s even creepier, is that they’ve blurred everything out.


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