Google Maps is intended to be an app that simplifies the way that we once used maps. It definitely has done just that, however, there are so many other benefits one can get from using Google Maps.

It allows you to look up anything you desire at any time of the day.

There’s no limit to how much exploring you’re allowed to do and it is available to anyone who has internet. You can find a destination you’ve always wanted to visit and you can even find your all-time favorite sight.

You just received an aerial view of land and that’s it at first. At the time this was cool enough when it was first introduced, but now, there is a completely new feature which give us the ability to see different areas at the street view!

You can see anything that may be happening on the street you’re looking at during at at the time and you can see the building you may be looking up. Soon enough we will be able to see all the way inside the houses at the rate we’re going!

However, for now, it’s only the street. You’re also able to see a bunch of other interesting things because of this, things they you would’ve probably never seen on any other map.

There are tons of secrets hiding in Google Maps just waiting for their discovery, and we’ve compiled a list of 15 ones that are pretty terrifying. From criminals being caught in the act to dead bodies, there’s a plethora of horrors waiting on Google Maps to be found.

For now, here are 15 scary secrets that have been discovered all thanks to Google Maps. Let us know what you think.




A Missing Man Is Discovered In His Car Under Water

After one man and his car went missing in a small town, people did everything in their power to find him. Years passed, and still, he never turned up, making everyone wonder what might’ve been the cause behind his disappearance. It wasn’t until one man noticed a strange shape at the very bottom of a huge pond while on top of a ladder decorating for Christmas, it turns out what he found was the man who was missing inside of his car.

Apparently he had drowned in his vehicle after driving off the road. You can see this right at the bottom while looking it up on Google Maps. This is certainly quite an eery sight and not one many would ever expect to see! Google Maps did not reveal the secret, unfortunately, as no one has looked this place up. However, it’s still pretty terrifying to see nonetheless.


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