It’s terrifying thinking about how we will all eventually grow old and we’ll all one day have wrinkles, pains in our backs and grey hair. Most of us do our bests to not think about aging because the thought of it alone is depressing. Alas, we still will all age and there isn’t anything we can do about that.

Of course, there are those who age better than others. Some people are very lucky, even though they grow old, they stay attractive. However, as most people grow older, they ending up losing their good looks.

Nobody ever wants to grow old and celebrities are not an exception to this thought. In fact, most celebrities are more than likely more frightened at the thought of growing old than any normal person. That’s because due to the fact that they’re always in the limelight, any changes they undergo are sure to be noticed by the public.

As a result, many celebrities have taken to unnatural means to try and stop the process of aging, one way they do this is by going under the knife. Sometimes by going under the knife it does allow celebrities to age more gracefully than if they didn’t.

However, other times, going under the knife has the opposite effect and makes them look worse than they ever would if they had just opted in for natural aging.

Of course, not all celebrities have decided to go under the knife. Some do decide to just go the natural route and age gracefully. Unfortunately, they also aren’t guaranteed to keep their good looks either.

Some of them even wind up looking horrible. But this isn’t surprising, it would only be natural that their stressful, hectic, and wild lives eventually caught up with them.

Here are 15 celebrities who were once attractive but have aged horribly.




Brigitte Bardot

Who does not know about the French singer, actress, fashion model and dancer that is Brigitte Bardot? We’ve all seen her in an old movie and have all admired pictures of her when she was in her youth. There isn’t any denying she was a very stunning woman in her day. In fact, she could even be considered a sex symbol.

If you Google her name today you will end up being bombarded with articles with titles like “Brigitte Bardot: One of the Best-Known Sex Symbols of the 1960s,” “Brigitte Bardot: The Sexiest of All Sex Symbols,” and “Brigitte Bardot: The woman who invented sex.”

However, while there is no denying how beautiful she was when she was younger, she hasn’t aged very well. Brigitte Bardot has continued to refuse to follow the illusion that it’s possible to maintain her young looks by proceeding to go under the knife, which in fact, is very rare in the industry she is in and isn’t seen often.


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