People who have mental health disorders are known to suffer from all kinds of horrifying delusions and hallucinations which can cause them to do things so crazy you could never imagine. Humans are capable of terrifying things when they have been driven to madness, like drinking another person’s blood off of the floor, pulling their own eyeballs out with their bare hands, and doing things that are unspeakable to dogs. Witnessing these disturbing acts that patients have done can even be hard for a trained professional to do.

Even some of these nurses and doctors have pulled away from some of these mental health patients due to one or more of their boundaries being crossed. So many professionals who have worked in the mental health industry have had trouble sleeping after seeing certain things these people are capable of doing, and that is perfectly understandable.

Imagine someone was screaming bloody murder in your face and continuously told you that you are going to burn in hell, or having one of your patients tell you someone will be abducting you.

These 15 people have confessions that are so terrifyingly creepy about mental patients that they’ll have you up all night. Every medical professional who has dealt with patients like this has been pretty traumatized by what they’ve witnessed while working with mentally disturbed people. Some of these stories sound as if they’ve been taken directly out of a horror film, but what’s scariest is that all of this has actually happened. It’s incredibly disturbing and shocking to hear about the twisted minds of individuals with any sort of mental illness.




The Blood-Drinking Patient

Someone who once worked within a forensic psychiatric ward confessed and shared what he thought was one of the most disgusting things he had ever seen while on the job. A mental patient decided to randomly punch a healthcare worker right in the face one day. She was an older African American woman who after being hit, fell to the ground and passed out. A pool of blood could be seen on the floor as she fell because of how much she was bleeding.

The staff members then rushed to get her help and carried her out of the room, leaving only the mental patient to be locked in. When they returned to also get him, they witnessed him on all fours as he was licking up the blood off of the tile floor. Did this patient actually punch this healthcare worker on purpose, causing her to bleed so he could strictly drink it?


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