We all fantasize about growing up and becoming famous and rich when we’re kids. But for kids of celebrities’, success is just something they are born into. So why is it that the majority of the young Hollywood stars we see end up so messed up, especially when they are born into so much privilege. Is it simply that bad parenting is to blame? Or is the downfall of celebrity children just something that couldn’t be avoided due to always growing up in the public eye? It’s become a cliché in Hollywood that growing up in the limelight is very bad for one’s physical and mental health. For example, just take the infamous Lindsay Lohan. Everyone saw this train wreck coming far before it ever happened.

Even if they have never recorded an album or starred in a movie, celebrity kids are constantly being put in the spotlight. We all have the ability to watch them grow from tiny tots, to teenagers, and then into adults all thanks to the media. But it’s definitely hard growing up in the limelight, that is a fact, and this is true whether you are the child of a celebrity or you are a star in your own right. With tabloids who exhaustively report every single detail possible about a celebrities’ life, no mistake ever goes unnoticed, and this also goes for their children.

This kind of pressure and attention can be extremely disastrous for celebrity kids, even with the best of parents, which is something that very few of these kids have.

It seems as if many celebrity children are often set up for failure with excessive partying, reckless relationships, lavish spending, drug addiction, self-image issues, depression, and a lack of privacy all being very common issues during the duration of their upbringing.

Their foot-in-mouth moments are all being played out on stage that’s on a global level and where the audience is just hoping for a scandal. What’s even worse, foibles during their most formative years often stick with like glue when it comes to these kids’ reputations.

We mean, could you ever imagine having every move you made as a teenager plastered all over the media for everyone to see?

The downfall of celebrity children is a tale that is just as old as Hollywood itself. Whether poor parenting is simply to blame, or they’ve just become a by-product of growing up in the tabloids.

Here are 15 celebrity kids who will be messed up in the future, because let’s face it, these famous offspring sadly do not stand a chance.




Kylie Jenner

The youngest of the Kardashian clan is Kylie Jenner, and she hasn’t had any trouble making a name for herself, even at such a young age, thanks to her growing up on the reality TV show we all know as Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She began dating the 25-year-old rapper Tyga and bought her own house all at the ripe age of 17.

Now, at the age of 20, has a net worth of over $50 million and has developed her own makeup line, known as Kylie Cosmetics. But we know that this tends to happen to celebrity kids who have been raised in the limelight and have an unlimited amount of cash that is at their disposal, just like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan for example. Like Spears and Lohan, Kylie Jenner has not always had it easy, especially with the recent public sexual transformation her father went under.

Like her big sisters, at an early age Kylie Jenner has cultivated a passion for risqué Instagram photos that would make any normal parent want to throw their teenager’s cell phone right into the garbage disposal without thinking twice. She has also taken cosmetic surgery up as a hobby, which all started with lip injections, which she herself has said her parents didn’t really approve of. Most teenagers decide to rebel from their parents by simply sneaking out of the house, but Kylie Jenner took it a step further by resorting to surgery, and she’s taken to the internet to post half naked pictures of herself, just as a way of getting her parents’ attention.

Seeing of how Kylie was raised with zero sense of normal reality, and had her parents often even encourage such outlandish behavior over the duration of their reality TV show, it’s likely that later on in life Kylie will have a flip-out, also similar to Lohan and Spears, despite all of the current success she experiencing currently.


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