Lee Thompson Young

Disney couldn’t be touched in the 1990s’ and 2000’s. Expanding its brand in every way possible, the company still churns out hit television shows, musicians, and movies. For the millennials out there, a little show named The Famous Jett Jackson might ring a bell.

The show aired in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and starred the handsome Lee Thompson Young. Young used the role to springboard into a variety of movies once the show ended. However, his successful run wouldn’t last long.

It seemed as if Young had everything going for him. One of the films that helped him after his Disney run is the popular Friday Night Lights.

So, it came as a complete shock when police entered his home after he failed to show up on set for a television series he was starring on and found him dead. His death was ruled a suicide. It also came out after his death that Young had been wrestling with bipolar disorder.


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