Dana Plato

In the 1980’s, if you watched television on a regular basis and you were a boy, you probably had a crush on Dana Plato.

Her soft features would appeal to any boy growing up during this time, and she had plenty of exposure to them in homes across America. She starred on the hugely successful Diff’rent Strokes alongside Gary Coleman.

However, along with a life of fame comes baggage, and sometimes that baggage can overtake a life. This was the case with Dana. When the show ended, Plato was already introduced to a world of drugs.

This would hamper her career in her 20’s and she couldn’t land an acting gig due to it. Substance abuse kept pushing her and it finally took its toll. At 35 years-old, Dana was found dead from an overdose of Valium and Lortab. It was ruled a suicide.


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