Dana Hill

The 1980’s housed a wonderful assortment of comedians. Stand-up comedy was still a major attraction, and the likes of Eddie Murphy and Rodney Dangerfield swept the pop culture landscape.

Another comedy veteran who shined during this time was none other than Chevy Chase. Although notoriously difficult to work with, that didn’t stop him from starring in some of the biggest comedies of the 80’s. Along with hits such as Fletch and Spies Like Us, Chase starred in a franchise. The National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise.

It was almost guaranteed to be a success simply because Chase was in it, and one actress jumped on board. Teen Dana Hill was cast as Chevy’s daughter in European Vacation.

After the smash hit, she starred in a few other movies, but wouldn’t get too many chances. Hill died at 32 in 1996 due to complications from Type 1 diabetes.


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