The television and film industry both can be double-edged swords.

These industries can both give you literally everything you’d ever want out of life, on one hand. Fame, money, and power are just a few things you can achieve by becoming a star. On the hand though, all of this fame and money and power does not take away from the fact that you are living under a microscope.

Everything you do is always going to be seen and even the smallest event can become tomorrow’s news. Children are particularly hit hard when the pressure is on everyone in this industry.

Imagine going through that amount of stress at your age. Now, imagine going through this much stress while growing up in front of a camera. It’s definitely isn’t easy. Some child celebrities just cannot take this pressure. Some choose ending their own lives.

Other cope with everything that happened to them by turning to drugs. Some child celebrities who have been able to escape the bright lights of Hollywood are completely ecstatic just to have found a way to do this.

The child stars have sadly vanished from your memory as the years have past, though. You’ve probably forgotten about them if they have not stuck around in Hollywood. What’s worse, is that you may even have had a crush on one of these celebrities at some point and might not even remember what they look like. And tragically, some of them have been taken far too early from this Earth and you more than likely didn’t even know it.

This list is compiled of 15 childhood crushes that you probably did not know died. Prepare for your memories to get a shock as you find out how some of the people actually passed away. May they all rest in peace.




Skye McCole Bartusiak

The film world was set on fire in the year 2000. Mel Gibson had been blazing the cinemas for years at this point in his career, but one of the films he was in really catapulted him directly into the limelight. The Patriot was the film in question. Gibson’s daughter was one who had a really standout performance in this film, played by Skye McCole Bartusiak. With cute features and blonde hair, it’s very easy to see why little boys all around the world might have a crush on her.

Outside of the big screen, her life wasn’t so glamorous. Not having starred in many roles aside from the critically acclaimed film, she really had no idea where her life was headed. Sadly, on July of 2014, that life full of hope was snuffed out. At the young age of 21 she passed away because of an accidental overdose.


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